“I’m sorry, I can’t accept your offer.”

Yet again I have had to refuse a translation/interpretation job (I translate from English to Portuguese) because of my Visa situation.

These companies are service providers and don’t sponsor work visas, so every time I get contacted to do a job that would not take a job from an american, I have to refuse. And this is why the H4 is ridiculous and annoying.

H4s are not allowed to work remotely, do internships or anything slightly similar to getting paid. We are allowed to do volunteer work with not for profit organizations only. We are simply not allowed to have income of our own. Why would anyone think of creating such a law is beyond me, but such a law exists in the US.

Immigration reform is needed urgently.


One thought on ““I’m sorry, I can’t accept your offer.”

  1. Hi titanetsissi,

    Yours is a great blog! I am a translator too and would be soon in this position of an H4 wife ! So I am concerned after reading ur and other blogs like this….
    I am concerned I will lose touch with the foreign language I work with and my language skills will be rusty — when ever I get to work again…
    How do you keep up-to-date with ur language pair and how do you get companies to call you for interviews despite being on H-4?

    Keep writing …its interesting to read 🙂


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